Shoes! Damn Wheels!

wheelie-shoes1To start off today I am going to tell you that I am lobbying the government to outlaw those DAMNED shows that kids have with wheels on the bottom of them.  Brody and I were finishing up the last leg of our morning walk, walking down an alley way between two streets.  When a little girl walking to school popped out from behind a fence and shouted.  “Lady, I like your dog.”  “Thank-you!”  I said after gaining composure from the alarming assult of my senses!  Brody on the other hand immediately decided this was the enemy and we had to get away at all costs.  “Huuuuuu?”  He looks at me and thinks.  “Why are we still moving forward, DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!”  So in his super protective watch-dog mode, he begins to pull backwards.  Well then all hell broke loose because in the two seconds between finding out this creature liked him, and now, he had not noticed that this very loud creature actually had wheels on her feet.  When the little girl skated off that sent him into near convulsions.  After pulling and tugging the 90lb body of muscle to the end of the street, he realized the offending creature was standing on the corner and that she may be waiting to wheely-shoescapture him.  After all isn’t Mommy always saying that if he goes out on his own someone will take him away?  This lead to Mommy and Doggie struggling like two men on the end of a tug-o-war rope.  He pulled, I pulled.  He pulled, I pulled.  His halty was now almost off his head.  He was winning, because I was laughing so hard.  Just as he pulled me clear up onto the neighbour’s step she came out the back door to get into her car.  She shook her head.  EVERYONE knows Brody.  “Everything OK?” she shouts….  “Yah he is scared of that little girl!”  “OK” and she gets into her car.  So I finally get him to gain his composure we get back on the sidewalk and turn the corner.  Home is in sight!  We are at the driveway, going to the green bin to deposit the delightful mess he dropped that I had to pick up….  AND!!!!!!!!!!!!  What happens.  Another bunch of kids.  Will wonders never stop.  They had wheels on their feet.  He runs crying like a little baby up the driveway backwards.  God forbid he take his eyes off of the potential attacker!  Gets to the step and starts to calm down.  Then my Grandfather appears on the step and well that is just too much for my boy!  “BARK!”  is all he can do.  “Oh dog you are stupid.”  is spat in return with a wave of dismissal and a turn to return to the inside of the house where Brody is desperate to go.  Inside we get, and on the stairs my little boy is staring at me like, “OK Momma tell me how bad I was.”  See he is remembering the last time we were near kids and he tried to eat a little girls back pack.  So I tell him through my laughter that everything is Ok and little by little his demeanor changes.  Tongue flaps out of his mouth.  He is doing his low rider impression you know standing on his back legs and hopping up and down on his front ones.  Forgetting though that he is on the stairs.  Falls and then shakes it off.  Runs upstairs and immediately starts eating the cat food.  He is fine, my boy is back, I sometimes wish I was that resilient, but that is another story.  ANYWAY.  I HATE THOSE DAMNED WHEELIE SHOES!  But is was a funny start to an otherwise not so funny day!  See you later, probably won’t post tomorrow.  Maybe twice on Sunday!  Haa haa!



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