Farrah Fawcett dies, Torontonians a bunch of babies, it too damned hot, THANK Joe Pesci it’s Friday!

So Jill Munroe has passed on.  For those of you that don’t know that was one third of the original Charlie’s Angels along with Kelly Garret played by Jaclyn Smith and Sabrina Duncan played by Kate Jackson.  Farrah was replaced by my fave Angel Cheryl Ladd who was supposed to be Jill’s Cousin Kris.  She was best known for her TV movies “The Burning Bed,” “Extremities” and “Small Sacrifices.”  Oh and for being married for a short while to The Six Million Dollar man.  She lost her battle with cancer June 25, 2009. 

 Well again we Torontonians are a bunch of babies!  Last time it was when Mel Lastman brought in the army to dig us out of a snow storm.  Now it is because we are whining about a Garbage strike!  Apparently the Economic Development and Trade Minister Sandra Pupatello who is the MPP for Windsor where they have had the same kind of strike for 11 weeks thinks we are sucks for wanting our mayor to mandate the city workers back to work.  So here is my affront to her.  Well, when Windsor brings in as much money as Toronto does with respect to Tourism you can speak.  When the residents of Windsor pay as much tax as we do then you can speak!  Until then SHUT IT!  We pay for the garbage pick-up, we have a huge elderly population for whom it is not feasible to pack up their garbage and take it to the transfer stations.  It is the middle of a heat-wave.  We are already battling the swine flu do we need anymore diseases from rubbish festering in the heat for weeks.  I don’t have time to sit outside of the transfer station while picketers who are already paid way to much for what they do and don’t actually do what they are supposed to anyway (for example throwing my green, blue and grey bins on the ground to the point they break and I have to pay to replace them.  Not completely emptying the bins in the first place.  For Christ sakes they don’t even have to pick the bins up any more the trucks are automated. ) hold me hostage and only let me in when they are ready to.  They are fighting about casual labour.  Get with it Buckies!  This is the way of the future!  You make over $30 an hour to sit on you’re a$$ and drive a truck, push a button which lifts the bin, empties it and then puts it down.  If you don’t like the job, there are others!  It should be and essential service, NEVER allowed to strike!

 Well in the immortal words of George Carlin “Praise Joe Pesci its Friday!”  Yeeeeeeee  HHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!

 Have a look at these pics, how would you like to give this cat a bath?  LOL!!!!!!   Actually it propably isn’t really that funny ’cause he is terrified BUT he’s gotta get cleaned!  India Weather

India Weather 

India Weather

India Weather

OKey Dokey!  Over and out!  Bonne Week-end mons amies!

P.S. I hate how hot it is!  I don’t care what anyone says.  I didn’t wish for it when we were in -40 weather and so I don’t have an issue telling you I HATE this weather!


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