Describe a time when you stood up for what you believed in.

Thanks again to Plinky Prompts for this topic.Well, I am no shrinking violet.  I am very good at expressing my opinion to others.  I appreciate hearing their opinions.  I even appreciate a good debate on our differing opinions, but what I cannot stand is someone who cannot stop long enough to consider that even if they are not going to open their mind to change that there maybe, just maybe another way of seeing things.

I am not a believer in a higher power.  I will never tell someone who is that they are wrong.  I don’t expect to be told I am wrong either.  There has to be room for both.  I understand that when you live with in the rules of the church, synagogue, temple life is much simpler as you are judged every minute of the day by your ultimate judge.  When what is expected of you is laid out in front of you as “do this and you will go to heaven…” or “do that and you won’t…”  It’s very easy to be led.  That’s great for the people next door and if that gets them through the day that is all that counts.  There is no reason for me to argue, as long as they are open to the fact that I see thing differently.  They can turn around and say “Sheesh, she’s a little of kilter in her mind if you ask me….” as soon as we are done talking but they should respect my belief.  I am not saying that I am gonna run up and say “He, man you have a crucifix around your neck, lets duke it out over our difference of opinion.”  I am saying that if I am in a conversation I will speak my mind on this subject.

There aren’t may I won’t speak about, Mental Health debates with my Grandfather, are the best.  He is 83 and still believes that all who show signs of Mental Health issues should be locked away from the public and that is that.  He doesn’t understand that the men who came home from WW2 were suffering from PTSD, but they called it shell shock back then and well since they got up every morning and went to work, in his mind they weren’t crazy.  When I say “you don’t know if they woke up every night in a sweat, screaming hearing the battlefield in their dreams.”  He reminds me that I am “brainwashed by the do-gooders.”  Well, I try.

I will argue, debate, discuss, talk about many things, politics….  No I don’t hide my beliefs, we live in a democratic society, I have a choice and if I am going to make that choice I should be able to intelligently defend it.

HOWEVER…..  The one topic (and anyone who knows me, knows what this topic is…..) that I will literally lose friends over is Animals.  I cannot tolerate, any miss-treatment, mistreatment to me includes adopting and then neglecting, or taking back to the shelter as it’s too much trouble.  Or not giving that animal the best is deserves.  Or physically harming. 

I have walked up to people in the subway and told them to their face that they are not acting towards their dog as they should.  I shouted very loudly over crowd, so that a parent could hear (passive-agressively here) that I was getting to the point of taking a puppy away from their child that was hanging the puppy from its neck by its collar, in reaction to being told that she should sit down and hold the puppy’s leash instead of running around like the spoiled brat she was…  Oh ya…  spoiled brat might have actually come out of my mouth and well it might have been the loudest part of the speech. 

I don’t care.  I really don’t.  James gets mad.  Sometimes he abandons me like the time I stood outside of a car and waited for the owner to come back to tell him that I had called the police because he left the dog in the car with the windows closed. 

I can’t help myself and to tell you the truth I really don’t want to.  If I don’t do it who will.  They are mistreated, beaten, set on fire, dragged behind vehicles, left alone in the back-yard etc….. on a daily basis.  Someone has to be there for them. 

When I sleep next to my dog who has more than a lot of children have…  I wonder how he got so lucky?  Again it is just by the grace of….  Oooops that is another story!

LOL !!!! ; )  Have a good one.  Won’t wait so long between posts again!  Promise!


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    Every day we encounter with teenage who live with stepmother or stepfather. I can’t understand them and never feel their emotion., but I realize that they are unsatisfied and suffer from staying away from one of their parents. some time they are not successful. They compare themselves with others who enjoy living with their father and mother, so they look unhappy. I was born in family that all the time my parents loved each other and share their all trouble or happiness with each other, so I have only positive look to life although some time there is something hard. When I was three-year-old kid, my sister who was married with a nice guy about almost five years miffs his husband and join us in our parent’s house. After realizing she left her husband in a huff. my father recommended her to turn her home and stayed with her husband forever and making lovely life for him and her children. She did as my father’s recommendation. She grew her children with helping her husband. They have made many trips for fun around the world. During their trips, they took some pictures and when we watch them we enjoy them. I remembered how her children looked happy when they were attending in high school and also their teenage years. Her children graduated from university; one of them, the boy that is big one, with master degree and the other, the girls who is youngest, with bachelor degree. Right now they have a nice life. The biggest one is working as a software engineer in a big company and the other is married with a software engineer who is as the same level of her brother in job. Whenever I look them, I figure out how children need the support of both parents. They can become successful when they live in stable family with their parents all together.

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