Flippin’ it up Friday!

OK so Flippin’ it up Friday is gonna be a day for letting the past-week go.  So there are a few things I am going to “flip it up” at. 

I will be flippin it up at the stupid woman who was in the parking lot standing between her SUV and the car beside her talking on her flippin’ phone, leaving her child in a stroller, out behind her vehicle which was in the actual driving park of the parking lot, who had the nerve to say to me that I was making her nervous because I was trying to drive around the stroller and park my car.  “What?”  I asked.  “You are making me nervous…”  “Well then, get off your bloody phone and put your kid in the car, or oh I don’t know move the stroller in between the cars like you are standing.”  “What?” she says, as if no one has ever spoken to her like this….  “Move the damned stroller so I can put my car in the space I just paid for please.”  I replied.  She mutters something into the phone.  Moves the stroller and then gives me that how dare you look!  I don’t care.  I didn’t leave my child in the driveway in danger.  So….  Here’s your bird! 

No I am gonna flip it up at the Garbage collectors in my neighbourhood!  You get paid a lot of money to pick up that garbage.  I didn’t ask you to take that job, so don’t cry to me that it’s horrible.  You don’t even have to get out of the truck anymore.  Just push a button.  So, please don’t break my gosh darn bins.  I have to pay to replace them you know!  So here’s your finger in the air!

Now, people who bike to where ever they are going and expect we driving automobiles to respect them and treat them like a vehicle and give them their space and….  Well then respect the rules of the road.  When the light is red.  It means STOP, for two wheels, four wheels, one wheel, two feet, four feet….  WHAT EVER!  Also when I am turning right it doesn’t mean you should speed through the intersection hoping I see you coming before I go.  If you see my positioning myself for the turn and my indicator is on….  I don’t know…  maybe wait behind me like the cars have to.  So here’s your fist all but one!

Now, I have many more, but I would be fired if I spoke about them.  So now it is time to breathe, sigh, realize the world can’t be as I want it to be, and move on. 

The week-end is here!  It’s time to spend with those I love.  Oh ya.  I am flippin’ one up at the moustache James is growing.  I know it is for a cause but really, it ‘sworth a mention! 

Happy Friday everyone.  Have a GREAT week-end!


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