Rude & Unaware, Selfish People at the Grocery Store.

                   I subscribe to this blog Hissing Kitty and I was trying to find a topic to write about, when I saw today’s entry and then my sister’s status on Facebook I thought “Ok I know what I am going to write about!”

Why is it so trying to go grocery shopping?  It should be a leisurely stroll up and down the aisles…. 

However it is being run into by carts, listening to kids scream, waiting for people to move who are oblivious to the fact that they are not the only one shopping.  People who leave their carts in the aisle so that they can walk three aisles over to get something but are too idle to take their carts with them.

People please….  Make a list.  Get what you need, keep your cart with you and know your surroundings. 

The major problem is that people are so self-important these days it isn’t funny.

A few months ago, I would say December, my sister, Grandmother, James and I went to Zeller’s for midnight madness.  Not only was the store packed.  Not only were there only three cashiers on duty and the lines were as long as the great wall of China….  We are patiently standing there (well … as patient as I can be…), we are joking with other people in line and just going with the flow. 

No one wants to be standing in line for HotWheels for 25 minutes but if you want to shop on midnight madness and get the deals then sometimes you have to deal,,,

So this woman walks up to me and says “Can I go ahead of you I only have one item.”  I looked at her like she was joking.  Imagine her fortune…  To ask me….  Ha!  The least patient person she could have found in that whole store, on that given night!  “No!”  I a sort of half laugh and snort.  “But my son is waiting for me…”  “So?”  I half exclaim and half ask.  “Well the lines are long and everyone has a lot of stuff.”  I rear up  and James catches the clues that I am ready to launch,,,  He puts a reassuring hand on my shoulder. 

I reply “right and we have all waited to get to the front and now so can you.  The line ends right there.”

The man behind me leans forward…  “Good for you.”  He says.  “The audacity of people!” 

The next think I see she has moved to the next line and is starting up with them.  She finally finds a man who takes pity on her.  She gets her way.  Which pisses me off even more. 

People who follow the rules and are orderly get to wait their life away.  Those whole feel they are more important and totally entitled to be in the front of the line always seem to get there. 

This rude and arrogant woman who felt her time was worth more than mine, just got the very reinforcement she craves.  Now not only does she THINK her time is more important, she KNOWS it… because someone allowed her to get ahead, someone bought into her aloofness.



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  1. Thanks for the mention and for following our blog 🙂 Glad to have you complain with us anytime!

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