16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

I just discovered this 16 and pregnant show.  I’ve watched it twice now…  I have been watching Teen Mom 2 from the beginning of the season on MTV Canada and have sparingly found episodes of Teen Mom.

I have to tell you that I find it to be a little bit like a car accident, even though I don’t want to I can’t stop watching. 

I am flabbergasted by these shows.  I am rendered speechless.  I am in tears.  I marvel at how these little girls (yes little girls, I don’t care that they are Mothers they are 16…  They are little girls.) go through this, deal with this and still come out the other end with their sanity in check.

One episode of 16 and pregnant had this beautiful little girl, the daughter of a teen mother herself, pregnant.

Her dilemma, whether to keep and parent her baby or give it up for adoption. 

She tried to be strong, her mother tried to be strong, I don’t know how anyone could be strong in this situation.

This child’s aunt and uncle decided to adopt the baby when she was born, with the agreement of Ashley, who had decided by this time that it was best for her unborn child to have a family and the things that she the birth mother could not give.  The next part had me in tears when she found out that she would not be named as the mother on the birth certificate that would be given to the adoptive parents.

She carried this child for nine months, gave birth to her and spent the first 48 hours of her life with her then turned her over and walked away…  Or so we thought,  After realizing the in her heart she had done the wrong thing she went to her aunt and uncle and collected her daughter and tried….  Tried harder than most to parent her. 

In the end she gave her back to the adoptive parents, realizing the she had hopes and dreams that would never come true if she kept this precious little bundle of joy who had no idea what her very existence had done to so many lives.

That poor little baby, I mean Mother and daughter.

Ashley’s family could not have been more supportive and Ashley’s Mother was a rock through it all, except for a scene where they were shopping for maternity clothes where she broke down and cried.  I lost it at that point. 

Watching this show was agony for me.  I can only imagine what it was like for this hormonal child who was experiencing things that NO ONE at her are is supposed to experience.  This is not Little House on the Prairie.  Teen pregnancy is preventable.  But no matter how much we preach this, it still happens.

When we are young we don’t think about consequences.  We don’t think about tomorrow unless there is a big dance or we are going to Wonderland.

I am the product of a Teen pregnancy.  I know how hard it is for teenagers to bring up a child.  Not that I was ever without anything that I needed, I just know it was a struggle and a worry to give it all to me.

I feel for this little girl doing what is right for her baby, killing herself emotionally to do so,

On the other hand there is Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.  Now Leah and Corey are making it work.  They are getting married, they are loving their babies, they are going through a lot with their Ali.

You want to root for them.

Then there is poor Kailyn who’s living with her baby’s father.  She and Joe are not together, but she cannot go anywhere else, even to her own mother.  She is going to college and working two jobs to make ends meet.  She is 17 for God’s sake,  All the horrible in laws can do is tell her that she cannot live in their home if she dates someone other than their son.  If she is not with their son she may have to move out.  Well Mr and Mrs I thought you were doing it for your grandchild, so what should it matter is your grandchild’s mother is not with your son.  She is still with your grandchild. 

Now Chelsea I would love to shake really hard.  She has a great family, a GREAT friend in Megan and a beautiful little girl in Aubree.  Yet she has to give it all up for Adam.  Her “Baby Daddy” who couldn’t care less about her yet wants to live in the home her father pays for, for free,  Mmmm Mmmm MMmmmmmmm!  If EVERYONE is telling you he’s no good then he ain’t good!   From the previews this week, it all finally catches up with her.

Then Jenelle.  On one hand I feel badly for her.  She tries so hard.  She gets no recongnition.  Then on the other hand, she just keeps screwing up.  Her mother is very hard on her, but that is because she has given Jenelle so many chances that she just can’t keep giving.

I wish all of these children the best, the babies and their mothers and fathers,  Even their grandparents. 

I don’t know why anyone would want to put themselves in the public eye like this when going through something so emotional. 

However if their plight can help one little girl to make the right choice.  Help her to make a choice….  Then I guess it’s worth it!

The number one reason these girls are floundering is because they are too young for the responsibility they have been laboured with.

Think girls before you act!  Stop for a minute and think!!


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