A Letter to my Cat — Dear Connie


Dear Connie, you came to me so little, so fragile and I was supposed to get you through to adoption age, take you back and let someone else love you…  I knew the minute that you were in my hand that you were for me and I was for you.  I knew you were never going back, that I would have the pleasure of loving you for the rest of your life. Image

And that I did.  My girl, I loved you more than life sometimes. 

You were so small, yet so mighty.  I will never forget the night that I heard growling coming from the window ledge and then say your brothers Alistair and Billy high tail it off the ledge and up the hall…  The growling did not stop.  When I investigated, you the smallest of the three, were growling at a VERY LARGE raccoon on the other side of the screen…  You were never scared. Image

You grew but never got big.  Seven pounds was where you maxed out but crazy you were.  I had to double sided tape all of my frames to the walls, because you would leap off the floor and knock them off the wall.  You climbed everything, I had to secure the shelves to the walls so they would not rattle when you lept from the floor to the very top.  You knocked my Royal Doutlon onto the floor and proceeded to use the broken off head to play with like a ball.  Image

You made me laugh…  With all of these things, you still had my heart. 

We added Merlin and then he got sick, then Billy got sick and we lost them both.  But you and Ali remained.  You remained with me through thick and thin. 

We added Coby and Belle and you loved them.  You’d play with them through the cage and they would bite your paws and they would tweet for you.  Image

You loved Egg McMuffins, and all kinds of human food, you loved no one though…  I had to tell everyone to not bug you, but when your Dad came into our lives you loved him… 

You helped me through the worst times of my life and you were with me through some of the best.  You lay with your Dad through depression, you soft fur, comforting.

I miss you baby girl, I miss you more than you will ever know.  

You kept Arrow in his place and loved Brody. 

You have left a big hole in our hearts and our home.  Image

I am just grateful you made it to our house.  Your brother Ali didn’t he missed it by two months.  

I would give anything to have your with me again, but I always knew that I would have to say good-bye and that losing you would be the hardest thing.

I hope you are well where you are.  I hope you have found all of your brothers.  I hope they are taking care of you…  Well I am sure you are taking care of everything, because that is what you always did…  Image

You are in the arms of Nanny now.  And I have comfort in knowing that. 

I will love you forever by beautiful girly! 

Till we meet again! 




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4 responses to “A Letter to my Cat — Dear Connie

  1. conniemcools

    Reblogged this on conniemcools and commented:
    Our namesake has passed away! Please read my letter to her, from laggylife.wordpress.com

  2. itsbecauseisaidso

    She was so lucky to have you as her foster parent, and luckier still that you became her forever mum. You gave her the best life! xoxo

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