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Yup you read that right…  TODAY IS a BIG DAY FOR PRM! 11 dogs are officially loaded on the plane…just waiting for conifrmation that the plane has taken off…hoping and praying all goes well!

JDAM and AK are both so close to goal in less than 24 hours…you all are truly amazing!!

Donate here:
AK ♥


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Military Monday!

My life took a turn for the better the moment I stumbled upon my beloved The Puppy Rescue Mission and I have only become more and more involved in military associated activities.

First it was donations to the current rescues then it was tweeting and blogging…  Then crying when they didn’t make it and so the story goes. 

From the Puppy Rescue Mission I learned that the Military Crowd are lovely people, I had never really thought about… 

So I did some research and discovered Soldiers Angels, it is believed that most soldiers (soldiers actually represent’s all branches of the Armed Forces) never have a correspondence from home let alone care packages.  So I signed up and was never so excited to be assigned my soldier.  A young guy who is in Afghanistan…  I write each week and at the end of each month I send a care package.  As a Canadian I chose to write to an American Soldier because most of the Canadian troops had come home by the time I signed up.  I had also spent some time looking for ways to so this and came across a civilian email for Fort Bragg Texas Air Base and then she sent me an email and asked if I wanted to write to an Airman…?  Hmmm!  OK why not!?

So I just kept going.  REading every book I could get my hands on…

Until Tuesday!  Sergeant Rex!  Saving Cinnamon!

This got me to wondering, can one adopt a Military Dog when they are retired?  WHY!  Yes you can…  Have a look here!

Then I found Gabe…  Who is trying to win a Hero Dog Award.  He has won my heart and so he is my choice for voting and sharing this year.  So go ahead and on April 1st cast your vote for him here!  He’s in the Military Dogs section!

I hope that you will check some of these wonderful organizations out and just give them and your heart a feel good moment. 


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It’s all Gone to the – dog Days – of Aug!

So I am going to spend some time promoting some animal related sites and or pages and blogs! 

Here is the first one.  Check out TheMrsCochran on YouTube.  More importantly check out this video on her channel.  This actually makes me Laugh out loud!  I mean really big raucous laughing with head tiled back and mouth wide open.

Yes this is the same Gus that dragged the puppy pool in through the sliding glass doors that you probably saw on the news…  This dog is one of the funniest I have seen in a while!

Now here is a Facebook page you should check out.  Spike Taylor he’s the cutest little thing that posts things like;

National Poop Bag Day
In honor of going above & beyond the call of duty, I hereby declare today to be National Poop Bag Day!! Let’s show the grovelment & stocking market our appreciation by sending Wild Street & Washington our Poop Bags. If you lost all your kibble in yesterday’s stocking market prolapse, please send yours full. If not, you may send yours empty.

This is what he looks like! 


So now moving on!  You should also check out Phoebe the Cyber Crime dog!  She and her Mom “sniff out cyberbullies”.  It’s a lovely place and this is what she has to say!

I’m Phoebe, the cyber crime dog – I sniff out cyberbullies! I help my mom out when she goes to schools and gives presentations on how to stay safer online. I love people and love going places so that I can say hello when I walk in the door! I used to be a sled dog in Canada. Our team was named after the “Friends” characters on TV, but I’m not as ditzy as Phoebe on the show, ha ha.

Here is the beauty herself!


There are many places now asking for donations to help either with their pets and or organizations.  There is a new thing call chip-ins.  Here are two such places that I support whole heartedly!

The Puppy Rescue Mission an organization that helps Military Personnel bring their “battle buddies” back from Afghanistan to live with them as pets in the USA, UK, Canada etc.  Their sister organization Sasha’s Legacy also helps to find homes for buddies that soldiers don’t want to leave behind but can’t adopt, to find home here in Canada and or the USA.

Have a gander at just one of their success stories. 

That is Isa and she is now happily living in San Diego!  You can read all of their success stories and more here…  The Puppy Rescue Mission

As well a fellow Canuck here is trying to raise money for animals in need, not just her own but others.  Help Save Zen check it out and either donate or buy one of her Fur Babies Bracelets.

Below is a pic of her three…  Freya, Zen and Coal!

Here is my new fave dog product!  Safestix — say NO to sticks and YES to Safestix! The bendy, twisty, fun to throw and fetch stick that will not hurt your dog like sharp, splintery wood sticks will.  Since I have a stick addict these are G-R-E-A-T!

Ok that’s it for now.  Gonna leave you with a dog TV show!  Who can resist this one!  Come on you know you wanna watch it!

Have a great week-end all! 

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Why you Should not get a French Manicure Before Going to the Cottage!

On Friday June 24th, I sat in a massage chair and had my finger and toe nails painted all lovely and new.  Then on June 24th I left for the cottage…  Hmm!

After a New York Dolls, POISON and Motley Crue show at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, James and I packed Brody into the car and up to the cottage we rode!  Making it there by 4AM on June 29th.  Spent the entire first day dozing in and out of sleep and reading.  Second day, finished my book Saving Cinnamon which I mentioned to James as he returned from the outhouse.  To which he exclaimed “THANK GOD!  Now you can stop driving me crazy telling me everything that happens.”  (Oh how I love him!)

So then I started Until Tuesday! A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever who Saved him! 

Then I sadly realized I was still three chapters behind in my school work so I spent sometime watching the 1st season of Supernatural!  I am a very good procrastinator…. 

I watched a few seasons of NCIS.  This is James’ favorite and we have all the seasons on DVD. 

By this time it is Thursday June 30th…  We have walked the dog several times and eaten very sparingly so that the washing of dishes is not happening too often…  After all I still have an intact French Manicure on my fingernails!

At 1235AM on Friday July 1st, Gramps shows up!  Raring and ready to go.  No really I mean it, he was not one bit tired and we young-ins were falling all over ourselves to get to bed.  Then the best happened.  After only four hours of sleep he rose again at 6AM and woke the dog up!  Hmmmm!  Guess that means EVERYONE was awake! 

It was on this morning that James discovered the Chipmunks that eat our of your hand.  We named them “No-tail-dude” and “Long-tail-dude” for what is probably obvious reasons.  NTD was very gentle and had a conniption when James left ten almonds on the rock for him to pick up.  Low and behold all ten went in his pouches and off he went.  LTD not so much….  James exclaimed at one point…  Be careful of LTD he BITES!  LOL!!!!  So there started the feeding ritual…  Each morning James would go outside with his peanuts or almonds and watch the chippies!  This also became the period of “keep the dog away from the chippies!”

Friday night we had some Fireworks.  Was fun and old friend Teresa came over to watch.  We left the scardy dog inside and turned off the lights so that he would hopefully calm but noooooo…..  Apparently the fear of fireworks was greater than the fear of Gramps and his walking stick (this is no connotation that my Grandfather does anything untoward with the walking stick, just that Brody is terrified of sticks in particular) because we came back inside to find Gramps and the dog, tucked in bed together!

James decided to make a trip to Bancroft and while there spend $500 on new tires for my car and an alignment…  This was after he put $200 worth of breaks on my car on the Tuesday night while my sister and I were at Motley Crue! 

It was lovely weather wise hot but not humid.  Oh ya!  BRODY WENT IN THE LAKE ON HIS OWN!  WE DIDN’T HAVE TO COAX HIM! 

Gramps fished for a while off the shoreline.  I taught them how to do Zumba to Gramps’ “Gypsy Music” and James fished.  The only fish that was caught in the five days we were there was one sunfish, which ’caused James to yell “Babe!  Can you come out here please?”  And when I got there, he held the fish dangling from his rod in front of me, so that I could take it off and throw it back in the lake!  LOL!!!!!

Brody got away twice and I did tell him that if he did it one more time I was not coming to look for him.  To which both James and Gramps exclaimed….  “THAT’LL BE THE DAY!  Don’t listen to her Brody!”

I have also developed a nice liking to cooking and did most of it while we were there….  except the BBQing.  We discussed that it was funny to me that in Canada we eat stuff that comes off a BBQ and in the USA they eat BBQ that comes off a grill….  Hee hee!

So hence the title of this blog.  Between cooking, washing dishes, going in the lake, feeding chippies, watching fireworks, chasing a dog on the lose, reading 1.5 books and watching 5 seasons of TV….  a week after I got my French Manicure….  It’s gone!  So…  It’s probably best to never get one before going to the cottage again!

Oh yah and I finally did get down to hitting the books!  I am now ahead one chapter (so I read four!)

All in all it was a GREAT time off.  Nice to be away with my boys and to spend time with Gramps.  In fact I had such a lovely time I cried last night before I went to bed because after only five days away…..  I really missed the cottage.

To me the cottage is a refuge!  A place I have gone almost every summer of my life.  It’s special…  Especially when your Grandfather exclaims that the DVD you bought him specially because it is about the Avro Arrow is “BORING AS HELL!”

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Tears in my eyes!

I don’t know…  Maybe it’s because I haven’t taken my meds in a couple of days?  Maybe it’s because it’s been a hard week at work….  Maybe…  As I said I don’t know…  But who would have thought that I could fall in love with a dog and a person whom I have never met and are half way around the world in Afghanistan.

Well, I stumbled upon The Puppy Rescue Mission on Facebook and have never looked back.

I fell in love with the organization, the people, the excitement of checking the Chip-ins every day to see who was where and who was coming home and who was new and to see the pics of the babies and their soldiers.

I laughed at the two kitties names Tally and Ban…  Come on please tell me you get that….

I even offered to start a Twitter account for them and Tweet each day.  Which I have to tell you I fell in love with too.  Watching the number of followers grow.

I have steered people to their blog and their T-shirt Store.

I have posted their cause to my Facebook page and tell everyone I know about them.

“Look at this puppy!”  I say “Her name is Doe she needs some dough to get to the USA!”  Or “Do you know that when the soldiers found this puppy, someone had burned her whiskers and chopped off her tail and left her in a box with her siblings on top of a burn pit.  Just look at her, her name is Miss Meanness ’cause her soldier says she had to be mean to survive!”

What I was not prepared for in all of this is the feelings that came over me when one of the little baby girls passed.  We went to bed last night knowing she was sick.  That her soldier was risking his life to go and be with her and then we  woke up this morning and we all had a new angel watching over us.

I was not prepared for the tears to start falling as I read about her.  I was not prepared to have to dab the tears as I looked at her chip-in page and I was not prepared to have to subdue sobs when I read the following letter from her soldier.   I hope you all enjoy this emotional heart-felt tribute from a grieving soldier to his best girl!

 Lee Deckelman
Our Fallen, Neda:
Want to define a man,,,a “Real Man”? Want to define a friend,,,a “Real Friend”? Want to define a team,,,,a “Real Team”? This morning while I sat in my room on Facebook sorting myself out, and in tears,,,,,my teammates put themselves in harm’s way to summit the mountain to our north (known to be Taliban ter…ritory) to raise the American flag in honor of our fallen female teammate, Neda Soltan Deckelman. On the right is my best friend, teammate, and the leader of this mission, Keith. On the left is an US Army Captain who was part of the team that recovered Neda in Iran. The flag is blowing into the wind which is symbolic with troops moving forward into battle, never backwards. In the distant south you can see our small base camp and all that separates us from the Taliban. The most profound point for me is,,, my teammates did this without my knowledge,,,they did it because they too love Neda, and she truly was a member of our team. I work and live with some of the finest real men on the planet,,,and for a short time I lived, loved and was a proud team member of the most amazing dog on the planet. “Real” is an action,,,and not a word in a book. My life with Neda was real! I can still smell her!

( 25Nov2010-24Mar2011)

RIP Baby Girl!  You will forever live in the hearts of those of us who have known you through your story!  Your mission is complete now!

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“Can you dig it Pony-Boy?” “Hi… Isa Girl!”

That is one of the best lines from one of my FAVE movies of all time.  The Outsiders

Now…  I am gonna show you a pic and ask you, Can you dig it? 

So this is Isa.  Dontcha just wanna kiss her right on that nose?  She is an Afghan pup!  By that I mean she lives in Afghanistan not that she is of the Afghan Breed. 

She is trying to get back to the USofA with her soldier and needs our help! 

Check out her chip in page here.  She is already at 44% of her goal. 

Come on can you say no to this?

She’s helping to create peace. 

Please think about just $5.00.  It only takes five minutes and she will be home safe and her soldier will have one less think to keep her from sleeping at night! 

It has to be devastating for them to leave the dogs behind and considering all of the other stuff they are going to have to deal with when re-connecting with “real life” back on home soil….  Thinking about their little buddy that they had to leave behind, should not be one of them.

Thanks, for taking the time to read!

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Miley has my Heart!

So something about this lovely little puppy has done something to me.  This has happened once before (excluding my own pets).  By now you know that I am a desperate animal lover, but once before I looked into the eyes of a little Staffy Terrier at the Toronto Humane Society.  She had been there for so long and was losing her spunk.  I used to volunteer there before working there very briefly and would go and sit with her in her kennel daily.  She would put her head in my lap and I used to feel like a heel when I left her.  I just wasn’t in a position to have her come home with me a that point.  I used to bring her treats and find myself going to the shelter even when I wasn’t scheduled just to see her.  Her name was Mathilda.  I swear she loved me as much as I was loving her.  Then one day Mathilda got her shining moment an international truck driver came in looking for a companion to take with him on his hauls.  She would ride shotgun and be his right hand girl.  She knew it was right the minute that she saw him.  I actually cried when she left.  A little because I was sad to lose her and a little because I was soooooo very excited about her new start, her new life.  I remember when she was leaving with her new Dad, she looked back and me and cocked her head as if to say, don’t be sad.  Her new Dad kept in touch with me and still periodically sends me emailed pictures of her that just make me smile.

So now I have discovered this…..

Her name is Miley, she lives in Afghanistan with her Soldier.  She is trying to get home to the USA before her Soldier does so that she is not left behind.  Unlike Mathilda I have never met Miley, but there is something about the gentleness of her in this picture.  I just want to help her.  I cannot get her off my mind.

So here I am again pointing out where you can donate to Miley\’s fund to get her home.  I have.

Thank-you in advance.

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