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The pool, Linda Chamberlain, Panhandlers and TGIF!

Dogs seem to be the topic of a looooootttta blogs!

So my blog was named “Pet Blogger of the Week” for Pet Blogger Support Saturday at… Made me very happy. I also keep getting google alerts on it showing that someone has linked it to other places. So it is making me very happy.

I also guess that I can tell the pool story now! So we go and buy a little plastic pool for the Brody Dog. I put it in the back yard, fill it up, take him out and what????? He won’t go any where near it. So for 20 minutes I stand in it clapping and calling, “come on, it’s nice, come on, come to Momma!” Not even on little fur moved in the pool’s direction. So I decide to put his toys in. He comes on over puts his face in grabs the toys and runs to the far reaches of the garden with them. I put treats in. Right in the centre so that it requires more than just a face dip to get them out. He walks away from his beloved treats, his reason d’etre! So I decide OK well he’ll do it when he is ready and go and sit down. I look over there he is drinking the pool water. Lappppping it up with a big smile on his face. I could tell he was sayin’ “Look Ma it’s the biggest drinkin’ bowl I ever did see!” All I could think of Whhhhy I oughta! I drove down the back roads, at 40kms an hour holding that and shifting gears and you only want to drink outta it….” Oh well you win some and you lose some. I ain’t gonna force it ’cause I don’t want to scare him but… I have to say having the only retriever that is scared of water is a little embarrasing! LOL!!!!

Anyway it’s Friday at 5:13 Pm and I have been a big Manager/Director meeting for two days so I is goin’ home now! Have a wonderful week-end all! Be safe, be good! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

Oh yah in that M/D meeting a lovely lady named Linda Chaimberlain spoke to us about her life and living with Paranoid Schizophrenia/BiPolar?Alcoholism. She spoke about being taken out of school at 8 and being illiterate. About volunteering at CAMH and about being hospitalized and restrained because she would not lend someone a book. She does it with such grace and dignity and HUMOUR above all that you can’t help but want to listen tomore and more and more. and you can\’t help but want to help her! Although most of the time she and her beloved cat do just fine on their own! I just love that the work that I do, helps to further the lives of people like Linda! I also am a little embarrased to say that it makes me feel really good about my life when I hear some of the stories of the clients….

A great pic for you to think about over the week-end. I found it here Keep in mind the caption under it says “So which panhandler would you give money to?” Hmmm!?

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Some Stimulating Reading and Something fun to Look at!

This is the best pic of the day I have ever found!  I am so inlove with this pic I keep opening it just to peek one more time!

Now onto my soap box!  Please have a look at The Petition Site .  These creatures are in need of everyone’s help!  

Now onto how you can help the humans in need.  Check out the CAMH Foundation’s website and see the new ads, discussing the new angle the hospital is taking in their journey to stamp out Stigma and give clients and the community the best possible place to be when needed.

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Stigma of mental illness remains a serious problem…

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Employees on leave for mental illness return to work sooner when family doctor works with mental health professional: study

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Just what is it?  Is it contagious and how do you get rid of it?


It is something that I live with everyday!  Something that grips me.  Something that affects where I go.  Something most will never understand.


James wants to go to Wal-Mart….  This should be no problem right?  Unless you are not a big-box store shopping kind of person, but for me…  This sends me into a full on thought process plan…  Which one?  If we go here there is an escalator, I can’t go there, and I can’t go on the escalator.  If we go here, we will have to walk a long way through the parking lot and if it snows it will be slippery and I may fall on….. 


Did I lock the door?  Did I clip the leash on the dog properly?  Did my boss look at me funny?  What if I trip when I am walking the dog and can’t get up and then he gets away and I never find him again?  What if we are driving to the cottage and break down and hillbillies come upon us and kidnap us…… 


zombies-save-for-anxiety-blogYou are laughing now right?  “Come on!”  You are saying….  No one thinks those things!  That is just stupid!  Well I am afraid to tell you…  That is the running commentary in my head ALL OF THE TIME!  I don’t have an ability to see that the best possible outcome can sometimes happen, or even the middle of the road possible outcome also sometimes happens.  My brain automatically goes to the worst possible out come there is.  I escalate through the process to the end in seconds sometimes.  When this happens it is very hard to deescalate me.  It is then full on shaking and crying and pacing and just no ability to settle, until I can see that the world is not going to come to an end!  I get nasty and shout, and sometimes just become uncontrollable, because I don’t have the quick response of thinking about the skills I have learned to keep me in the calm state until the situation is over.


If I call James and he doesn’t answer I immediately arrive at “he is dead in a ditch.”  If the lights go out while I am watching TV, well there has to be a murderer in the fuse room. 


How can someone live like that you ask….  It ain’t easy!


Three sets of appointments each 20 weeks long with an Assessment and Time-limited Therapist, two SSRIs later I try to live SSRI free and using CBT and DBT methods of deescalating my anxiety before it gets to the point of not being de-escalatable!  If that is even a word.


If you know us, you will often see me look to James, and in that moment he knows there is an issue and starts the “talking down” process.  He is my self proclaimed “ROCK.”  With no training, just the knowledge from being with me, his voice and ability to remain ramrod straight and strong in situations that make my head explode, allows me to know that if he is not panicked then I probably don’t have to be.  On the other hand if he shows the slightest bit of worry, agitation.  Mine mirrors and magnifies about 3000 times!


But what exactly is anxiety….?  Have a read this will help you to understand!


What causes it?  Read on!


What can you do about it….  Ahhhh!  Here is the part I like!  Now you will know what CBT and SSRI means!


What can we do for those helpless people who love anxiety ridden folks and are simply caught in the crossfire?  This is the most valuable info you will find.  I ask myself daily why James puts up with it….?  It can’t be easy, it is hard for me and I am the irrational one!


Some more reading on the subject.


A lighter topic tomorrow!  I promise!



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