Farewell to our Matriarch! Gone… Never to be Forgotten!

It is with great sadness I write this entry. 

 I have not written for a very long time because as you all knew my Grandfather has been in the hospital since January.  Well a month ago my Grandmother had a stroke and was not a candidate for recovery.  So we made the hard choice to let her go peacefully and not prolong her suffering. 

On April 27th, 2012 she passed away at 6:30 PM at Scarborough General Hospital with her family all around her.

This has been very hard for us all.  She was the thread that kept the family together.  Not since my Father’s passing 12 years ago have I felt this pain. 

My Grandfather is doing well…  As well as he can do after losing his wife of 62 years and being in the hospital himself and not able to go to her. 

We are all gathering around him now.  He needs us a lot. 

I have lived in their house for the last five years and have been able to enjoy both of them.  My Grandparents were only 40 and 45 years old when I was born and so I have been able to experience the best of them.  From my Gramps crawling around on the ground in the back garden.  To my Nan swimming with us at the cottage and teaching us to speak “Hawaiian!”  Yes we believed her… 

We all know the words to “A-You’re Adorable” because she took the time to teach us. 

She babysat us all.  She was our Brownie Leader.  She was our Rock.

She gave everything she had to us all.  It never mattered what we needed she always had it to give.  Love, a hug, a silly song, words to buck us up, a chocolate bar… 

She was beautiful, funny and most of all ours!  She never turned a kid away from her house.  Her daughters and their friends, her grand kids and their friends… were always in her house.  She would make chips and always had kool-aide for them all. 

When she passed even my friends were saying things like…  Do you remember when we were in the back yard and we…?  Remember when I went to the cottage with you and she…?

I remember being at the cottage with her all summer…  It was great.  Walking around to Burkes’ Marina…  Doing the cancan and singing “Putting on the Ritz” at the top of our lungs…  I remember her scaring the heck out of us while walking back in the pitch dark.

I have 40 years of memories with her, which is not something most can say.  40 years with my Grandparents has not been enough but I am thankful.  Thankful for all the times, memories, love, Thanksgivings at the cottage, Christmases sleeping at their house and waking to find so many pressies that they had to move the coffee table. 

She loved her dogs, Lady and Ralph more than anything.  I will never forget how she loved them.  She spent an entire day sitting on the step trying to coax a stray kitten in from the elements.  The kitten who became her pudding and “little-bit”.  This kitty is Baby.  Baby is having a hard time adjusting to life without the one person she actually liked. 

I miss watching Dancing with the Stars with her…  I miss talking about Coronation Street with her… 

I miss knowing that she is there.  I miss calling her to tell her when I get my marks from school. 

I miss laughing with and at her.  I miss how much my Dog loved her…  I miss how she treated EVERYONE like her own.

I miss how much everyone loved her…  I miss…  Well…  EVERYTHING!

RIP, Sweet Nanny!  You will forever be in my heart!  I love you and miss you and will never be the same without you! 

Watch over us…  For we need you more than you know. 




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Military Monday!

My life took a turn for the better the moment I stumbled upon my beloved The Puppy Rescue Mission and I have only become more and more involved in military associated activities.

First it was donations to the current rescues then it was tweeting and blogging…  Then crying when they didn’t make it and so the story goes. 

From the Puppy Rescue Mission I learned that the Military Crowd are lovely people, I had never really thought about… 

So I did some research and discovered Soldiers Angels, it is believed that most soldiers (soldiers actually represent’s all branches of the Armed Forces) never have a correspondence from home let alone care packages.  So I signed up and was never so excited to be assigned my soldier.  A young guy who is in Afghanistan…  I write each week and at the end of each month I send a care package.  As a Canadian I chose to write to an American Soldier because most of the Canadian troops had come home by the time I signed up.  I had also spent some time looking for ways to so this and came across a civilian email for Fort Bragg Texas Air Base and then she sent me an email and asked if I wanted to write to an Airman…?  Hmmm!  OK why not!?

So I just kept going.  REading every book I could get my hands on…

Until Tuesday!  Sergeant Rex!  Saving Cinnamon!

This got me to wondering, can one adopt a Military Dog when they are retired?  WHY!  Yes you can…  Have a look here!

Then I found Gabe…  Who is trying to win a Hero Dog Award.  He has won my heart and so he is my choice for voting and sharing this year.  So go ahead and on April 1st cast your vote for him here!  He’s in the Military Dogs section!

I hope that you will check some of these wonderful organizations out and just give them and your heart a feel good moment. 


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Time to Catch-up!

So I bet you though I had dropped off the face of the Earth or that I had been hijacked by a UFO…  Nope.  Just really busy!  My Grandfather was admitted to the hospital just after the new year and is still in there. 

Between, doing my own job, covering for the new VP’s (un-hired assistant) spending most of my off time either at the hospital and/or making sure my Grandmother has what or is where she needs to be, completing two courses and having some semblance of a life my writing gave way… 

I am sorry!  I have not written here, at my business blog Connie McCools Operations and Administration or at my professional blog The Televixen since Christmas.

So now, that my Gramps is doing better and doesn’t need constant attention at the hospital and I finally got my Grandmother approved to ride on Wheel-Trans, OMG! what an ordeal, I have some time to do what I love…  Writing for you.

One of my courses is complete and the other has one more test and then my exam…  I have two more college level courses next semester and I have also enrolled in  Athabasca University  in the Bachelor, Health Administration program.  I am just waiting to see how many credits I can get for my previous diplomas.

Since it is spring.  I am feeling a lot more like being outside.  Brody and I have been spending more and more time out there, which means that my lovely yellow lab, looks like a chocolate lab most of the time, from rolling in the mud. 

While I have not been working at all outside of my day job and school, James has been working his butt off with his friend with the old truck and his cousin, finishing the basement.  We have not been on the lookout for houses lately because of all the other stuff going on…

We did go for a lovely dinner on Valentine’s Day at The Lakehouse Restaurant and then drove down to Niagara Falls (our fave place in the world.) 

Since then there has been a lot of quite nights in watching TV…

I am still Tweeting for The Puppy Rescue Mission I will always find time for that…  You should head over and check out some of the Current Rescues they are oh so cute and always need our help.

I have been writing to a soldier in Afghanistan through Soldiers Angels and am finding it very fulfilling!  It’s the least we can do to make sure no Soldier goes unloved.

Anyway.  That’s my story and now that I am back look for some exciting new things… 

Thanks for being patient and for coming back!

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New Year!

So we have done it again…  Another new year has started.  It’s a leap year.  What does that mean? 

A leap year (or intercalary or bissextile year) is a year containing one extra day (or, in the case of lunisolar calendars, a month) in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year.[1] Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days, a calendar that had the same number of days in each year would, over time, drift with respect to the event it was supposed to track. By occasionally inserting (or intercalating) an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected. A year that is not a leap year is called a common year.

For example, in the Gregorian calendar (a common solar calendar), February in a leap year has 29 days instead of the usual 28, so the year lasts 366 days instead of the usual 365. Similarly, in the Hebrew calendar (a lunisolar calendar), a 13th lunar month is added seven times every 19 years to the twelve lunar months in its common years to keep its calendar year from drifting through the seasons too rapidly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leap_year

It is also the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calendar…  Which means?  Good fortune and sign of intense power!  Well lets hope so. 

James and I rang in our sixth New Year together by sitting around a fire with some friends.  It was nice, very low-key and I noticed that James hugged me extra hard when we embraced at the stroke of midnight.

Really nothing special about this year of 2012…  Everyone I know was waiting with bated breath for it to come because apparently 2011 was a horrible year.  Well for me it was same ol’ same ol’… 

2012 is the year I turn 40.  Woo Hoo!  So I really don’t know how to feel about that.  Since my age is really the only thing about me I cannot change I guess I have to graciously accept it.  I ain’t a youngster anymore.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  I didn’t see anything worth resolving.  Things are boring but good for me right now.

Maybe 2012 will hold in its clutches a house for us.  Who knows.  As long as we are together, have our dog and cats, our jobs, a bed to sleep in, food in our bellies, family and friends around us that is all that matters! 

2011 brought one change for us.  James moved from the Etobicoke to the Brampton Store and is really happy and raking in the sales. 

I have already signed up for four courses this year and of course you will be hearing about trials and tribulations of being a full-time working Health Care Manager, Girlfriend, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter, Friend, Blogger, School goer, Animal Crusades, Puppy Rescue Mission twitterer, Business Owner, The Televixen writer…  But I love it all and I know I run myself ragged but…  I just want to experience everything I can…   ‘Cause…

After all is said and done…  I wish you all the best that 2012 can bring you.  Be Happy, live well, love lots! 



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All American Muslim — Why I watch it!

Airs on TLC, Sunday night at 10PM. 

I started watching this show with the premier episode and I happen to like it.  It does what it is supposed to, which is show the rest of the world that no all Muslims are terrorists.  That most live normal lives in small towns in America and that they adapt their lives around American tradition.

There are times where I am out right out raged by this show for instance when Shadia insisted that Jeff “get rid of” his dog Wrigley, she used the excuse that she was allergic but the constant trend was that it was a religious requirement.  Not only did Jeff, convert, but he moved, then she required him to give up his constant companion of 10 years.  Even her own mother told her it was too much.  Alas, she is in my good books again now that Wrigley is back!

I watch this every week, in awe of these people.  Who outwardly observe their faith in a hostile world. 

They have children, they love, they do family things, they respect, they suffer, they hurt just like everyone else.  Although as an intelligent person I didn’t need this show to help me realize this.

Watch Nawal go through postpartom depression on TV while trying to get the world to open up to her ingrained belief system has shown me that these women are stronger than we give them credit for.  Most assume that because Muslim women allow themselves to be “controlled” by their men that they are weak.  Have a look at this show… 

Nina wants to open a club…  Angela is a working Mom who wants it all…  Lila who choses to wear the hijab unlike the first two women I mentioned, is a lovely, mother who “knows best” and I really mean she knows best… 

Watching Samira’s struggles with infertility and her choice to put the hijab back on was refreshing to know that it is her choice to wear the religious head covering.  To portray your personal struggles with something so intimate on TV takes a lot of guts and I thank her for showing us just how human she is!

Now Suehalia — she’s the one you gotta watch out for.  Not only will she be the first woman President but she’ll bring the hijab to office too!  I admire her, need to please her family and I hurt for her need to spread her wings as well.  I wish her well.

This week they touched on the fighting that happens between Muslims and focused on the death of a young man of 23 in their small town of Deerbource Michigan. 

Next week will focus on the 10th Anniversary, of 911 and how they feel that not only was the world stopped by the tragedy but their religion was hijacked with those planes.

I know there has been some controversy over this show for the exact reason that it is on the TV.  Uneducated haters. 

I also find it a little bit of a cop-out that Lowe’s pulled its advertising from this show, as it buckled under the pressure of these uneducated haters… 

Alas I will keep watching!  And enjoying…  I ask that you give it a try!   http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/all-american-muslim

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Really?  I find it totally stressful…  Shopping, getting everyone the best pressie I can…  Not enough time…  CRAP! 

So I have spent today doing nothing but watching Christmas Movies…

Christmas With the Kranks, Surviving Christmas, Serendipity, The Family Stone, Love Actually, Santa Buddies, Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.

Tomorrow will be A Muppet’s Christmas, The Holiday and well who knows.

So, some of the TV spots that are on this year are actually cracking me up.  The Wal-Mart one with the little girls screaming because they all have the same pjs actually made me laugh out loud…  It appears to annoy a number of people.  Which I found out by surfing forums that actually spend time talking about how much this commercial irritates them when they see it in the gym in the morning…  WTF!  Shut up!

I happen to think the car commercial I cannot right now remember which one it is for…  Where the people in the back seat are telling the driver to turn on the radio and then open the window and then close the window (because her head almost got blown off) is quite amusing. 

But best of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Telus commercial…  A little Hall and Oates! Some really cutesy computerized piggies and duckies… 

Here see for yourself! 

So what is everyone doing this year…?  We are still not sure.  We have been invited to about five places and to tell you the truth I just really want to stay home and just have us celebrate Christmas… But with my Gramps getting on and not being well, I really want to be with him…  So we are going to have our second annual Chinesefest on Christmas Eve and then, probably spend time in the afternoon with James’ family in Mississauga and then with mine in Pickering for dinner… Who knows plans change every minute!  A couple of friends to fit in between Christmas and New Year and my best Friend (well almost my sister) to see too! 

I am glad I have a week off! 

Here’s another commercial for you! 

I can’t tell you how much I love this entire campaign!  I HATE Telus but these spots are so well done! 

So here are some of the funny video’s I have seen so far this season (if you can call it that…  It’s hard to get in the mood when we have no snow…  And it’s been so warm…  It’s positively like California up here!)

Here’s another funny video… Some Animals singing Jingle Bells.  The ferret actually made me chock from laughing!

Here are some of the things I have put on my list…  This year!

The book A Dog’s Purpose.  And it’s companion… 

The rest was all gift certificates from…  Along with a few other places…










What will you be asking Santa for?  What ever it is and no mater whether you are on the naughty or nice list I wish you the best Holiday with your family… 

Let’s check back next week to see how everyone is doing! 

Have a good week!  Party on and be safe! 


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