Do you NEED me or am I just nice to have? Answer carefully!

I don’t know why my brain comes up with these things, but I got it into my head that I was going to ask James the above listed question.  So I call him up at work and it goes something like this…

“Hi, its me.”  I say.

“Yes it is.”  He replies.

“Are you busy?”

“Nooooot really.”

“OK I have a question for you and you have to answer it truthfully.”


“Do you need me or am I just nice to have?”  I expect for him to hummm and haw…  That he is gonna need time.  That he is going to stumble through some silly answer that he thinks I want to hear.

Just as soon as I finished asking the question he answered…  “Babe, for me it’s a little bit of both!” 

Hmmm!  All I could answer was “GOOD ANSWER!”

To which he replied “love you but gotta go!”

Considering we spent Valentines day in my fave restaurant Jawny Bakers watching the The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show during which he was pretending to speak for each dog in the voice that he imagined it would speak with and that he refers to me as Princess on a regular basis I think he does find me nice to have.  Considering I am always the first person he calls to fix his issues I think that speaks volumes about how much he needs me.

The only thing we didn’t discuss was how I would answer the question.  But I would have to say “Honey, for me it’s a bit of both too!  I love you!”


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